SciLake Newsletter - December 2023

SciLake Newsletter - December 2023

- Scientific Knowledge Graphs -

 Democratising and making sense out of heterogeneous scholarly content 

Welcome to the 2nd SciLake Newsletter 

Here you will find a summary of the project's news and achievements, highlighting key milestones from the first year, and outlines upcoming events in the future. 

Enjoy reading!

What's new in SciLake

-‍ SciLake Services -

We are excited to present more details for the first technical components that will make up the SciLake service bundles. With SciLake, research communities can create, connect, and maintain their own Scientific Knowledge Graphs. Our service bundles also enable users to navigate the vast knowledge space using scientific impact indicators and improve reproducibility in their research.

‍- OpenAIRE Graph -

‍- BIP! Services-

‍- AvantGraph-

‍- SciNoBo-

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from SciLake as we continue to innovate and empower the research community.

Highlights of the first year

‍- Consortium meeting -

The SciLake team met in Barcelona and online on November 9-10, 2023. The meeting, hosted by SIRIS Academic, provided an opportunity to review the progress made in the past year and plan future work.

‍- IWC 2023 -

Our TU/e partners participated in the International Semantic Web Conference and presented a demo paper titled "ProGGD: Data Profiling on Knowledge Graphs using Graph Generating Dependencies," currently in press.

The code is used for the SciLake knowledge graph creation assistant.

‍- EOSC4Cancer Consultation Event-

SciLake representatives participated in the EOSC4Cancer consultation to define a Roadmap for a European Cancer Data Space.

‍- Memories from OSFAIR -

Last September, we gathered at the Open Science Fair in Madrid to discuss the potential and challenges of Scientific Knowledge Graphs.

‍SciLake presentations and deliverables are available in our Zenodo community.

 - Announcements - Future Events -

‍- OpenAIRE Graph Community Call  -

Join us for the inaugural OpenAIRE Graph Community Call hosted by Paolo Manghi, OpenAIRE CTO. Discover the Graph and its applications. Open to all in the research community. Bring your questions and feedback!

‍Save the date: January 17th, 11:00-12:00 CET ‍

‍- EOSC Winter School  -

SciLake will be participating in the EOSC Winter School 2024, in Thessaloniki, Greece from 29 January to 1 February 2024. This event provides an excellent opportunity to strengthen collaboration and integration with our partner Horizon Europe EOSC projects.

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