SciLake Newsletter - July 2023

SciLake Newsletter - July 2023

- Scientific Knowledge Graphs -

 Democratising and making sense out of heterogenous scholarly content 

‍Welcome to the 1st SciLake Newsletter

SciLake at a glance

SciLake aims to establish the concept of scientific lake, a research ecosystem with OpenAIRE Graph in its core, where scientific knowledge is contextualised, interconnected, interoperable, and accessible by addressing the challenges associated with the heterogeneity and the large interconnectivity of the underlying data.

- Our services -

The project will produce a set of novel services to build and search SKGs.

‍Scientific Lake as a service

Smart reproducibility assistant service

Smart impact discovery service

- Our team -

SciLake brings together an interdisciplinary team of 13 partners from 9 European countries, 11 research and 2 industry partners, 8 technology providers, and 5 members of research communities from neuroscience, cancer, transportation, and energy.

Discover more about our partners here

- Four research community pilots -

SciLake includes four pilots for evaluating and showcasing the proposed services in the domains of neuroscience, cancer, transportation, and energy which provide connections to large national-level or EU initiatives.

‍- Neuroscience -

‍- Cancer -

‍- Transportation -

‍- Energy -

- Highlights of the first six months -

Our coordinator Thanasis Vergoulis from  Athena RC represented Scilake at the EOSC projects coordination meeting in Brussels on 15-16 June 2023. During the event, representatives from 19 EOSC projects funded by Horizon Europe shared expertise, discussed project dvelopments and synergies for effective collaboration.

‍Sci-K 2023 - Representation, Discovery and Assessment

Our partner T.Vergoulis (Athena RC) presented a research work titled "Atrapos: Real-time Evaluation of Metapath Query Workloads" in The Web Conference 2023.

Our partners P. Manghi (CNR, OpenAIRE), A. Mannocci (CNR) and T. Vergoulis (Athena RC) were among the organisers of Sci-K 2023, the 3rd International Workshop on Scientific Knowledge: Representation, Discovery, and Assessment.

New publication on citation-based impact indicators

Our partners S. Chatzopoulos and T. Vergoulis from Athena RC presented the work on "Piloting topic-aware research impact assessment features in BIP! Services" in Hersonissos, Greece on 28 May – 1 June. 

First presentations of the SciLake poster

On 27 of  June at 2nd annual European Language Equality conference, by our partner J. Moreno Schneider (DFKI).

On 5 June at Rome at the Italian Tripartite National EOSC event, by our partner M. Baglioni (CNR).

Transitioning towards Open Scientometrics with Open Science Graphs

On 2 July 2023 T.Vergoulis (Athena RC) and Andrea Mannocci (CNR) attended the 19th International Conference on Scientometrics and Informetrics organised by Indiana University. They presented a tutorial on "Transiotioning towards Open Scientometrics with Open Science Graphs". 

‍Scilake presentations and deliverables are available in our Zenodo community

- Announcements - Future events -

- Workshop at OSFAIR, Madrid 25-27 September 2023 -

SciLake will be at the Open Science Fair (OS FAIR) 2023. Our members will participate in the workshop "Open Science Knowledge Graphs (SKGs): Transforming the Way we Manage, Explore, and Analyze Scientific Knowledge", presenting the mission of building a comprehensive scholarly communication graph and the proposed technical solutions. It will be an excellent opportunity to explore potential areas of cooperation and common goals with ESFRI's research communities and hear about their ongoing work to create and maintain domain-specific SKGs and their current challenges.

- 2nd Project plenary meeting -

The next plenary consortium meeting will take place in Barcelona on 9-10 November, hosted by the SIRIS team. The event is open to all project members and will be an opportunity to share the results of the first year and plan the next steps. 

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