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Impact-driven discovery service bundle

This service aims to provide accurate estimates of the impact of research objects and detect emerging trends in research topics.

The bundle has the following components

Amplifying valuable research

BIP! Services
BIP! Toolbox is a suite of advanced software components and resources with the aim to assist the discovery of valuable publications, leveraging multi-perspective impact analysis of scientific publications.

Towards comprehensive impact metrics for diverse research outputs

Impact propagation
The impact propagation tool computes impact scores for research objects by considering different types of mentions in papers, not limited to structured citations but also including “indirect” citations such as plain mentions or footnotes.

Connecting research through data-driven classification

SciNoBo FoS
SciNoBo FoS is a novel classification system of publications to predefined Field of Science (FoS) taxonomies, leveraging the structural properties of a publication (citations, references) organized in a multilayer network. It offers a dynamically constructed FoS taxonomy, which can help ​​identify research trends of interest.

Unveiling the Path of Scientific Progress

SciTo trends
SciTo assists monitoring and visualising scientific topic evolution in different scientific disciplines.