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Reproducibility assistant service bundle

This service assesses the reproducibility of published research based on textual information provided by article authors. By analyzing data, metadata, and additional research objects associated with the publications, this service provides quick feedback to authors about the replication potential of their work.

The bundle has the following components

Enabling Reproducible Science through Research Artifact Analysis

This tool performs Research Artifact Analysis on scientific texts to extract mentions of Research Artifacts such as datasets and software, along with their metadata.

Unveiling the reproducibility of research through citance analysis

SciNoBo Citance Analysis
SciNoBo Citance Analysis analyzes citation statements and tries to determine their Intent, Polarity, Semantics and further scientific evidence.

Scientific text structure revealed

DoStRe is a tool that recognizes the structure of scientific documents.

Data Science Tool for Heterogeneous Network Mining

SciNeM is data science tool for metapath-based querying and analysis of Heterogeneous Information Networks. It enables entity ranking, similarity searches, and community detection.