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Athena Research and Innovation Center

Information Management Systems Institute (IMSI), Institute of Speech & Language Processing (ILSP)

Athena Research & Innovation Center (ARC) is a Research and Innovation Center focused on ICT, with expertise in the areas of Big Data, Linked data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Language Technology and Open Science. ARC is an EOSC member having close ties with EOSC activities and other members. ARC is the coordinator of the SmartDataLake project and leads EU technology and policy development for Open Access through OpenAIRE. Overall, ARC successfully attracts competitive funding on an EU and international setting (more than 120 active projects) and has enlarged its research team over the past years with leading, world-class researchers in data management. In addition, ARC leads HELIX (Hellenic Data Service), which is the national eInfrastructure in support of data-intensive research, handling the data management, analysis, sharing, and reuse needs of researchers and innovators in a cross-sector, scalable, and cost-effective manner. ARC members participate in several international and EU standardization initiatives and WGs (e.g., INSPIRE, OGC, OSGeo, W3C). ARC actively participates in CLARIN ERIC by coordinating the CLARIN:EL national infrastructure, in the European Language Grid, and in the European Language Resource Coordination.

Role in the project

Athena RC is the project coordinator actively participating in the technical work of all work packages offering their expertise in knowledge management, data mining, and impact research assessment. ARC is leading the management and coordination activities (WP1) and the design and implementation of the smart impact-driven discovery service (WP3).

Contact persons

Thanasis Vergoulis
Mary Melekopoglou