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Istituto di Scienza e Tecnologie dell'Informazione (CNR)

Institute of Information Science and Technologies "Alessandro Faedo" - ISTI
CNR has strong expertise in service-oriented data infrastructures for Open Science scholarly communication workflows, with focus on the realization of platforms for the management of big data knowledge graphs. It plays the role of OpenAIRE infrastructure’s technical management, and it is beneficiary in H2020’s OpenAIRE-Nexus project, OpenAIRE’s LTP in H2020’s EOSC-Future project.
CNR is the service provider of scholarly communication infrastructures, but also in EOSC-related activities, e.g., it participates in OpenAIRE-Nexus and EOSC-Future. CNR is software, platform, and service provider for e-infrastructures such as OpenAIRE,, and other research infrastructures enabled by, such as SoBigData, PARTHENOS, AriadnePlus, AgINFRA. CNR holds collaborations in global initiatives (e.g., RDA) and with SMEs and large enterprises for data and service exchange, e.g., SIRIS, Elsevier.

Role in the project

CNR actively participates in the technical work of most project work packages. CNR is also leading the requirement acquisition and architectural design activities (WP1).

Contact persons

Miriam Baglioni
Claudio Atzori