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SIRIS Academic


SIRIS is a research-intensive consulting company specialized in Higher Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (HE-STI) policy and strategy. It has expertise, technology and tools responding to the current strategic and operational demands of the HE-STI sector. Based in Barcelona and with 10 years of experience in the European context, it has worked with over 80 leading universities, research institutions, government agencies and charities in different countries. SIRIS advocates for evidence-based decision making, combining data driven solutions with traditional qualitative consulting. SIRIS routinely characterises and maps topics, skills and actors within specific R&I ecosystems by applying NLP and text mining techniques on HE-STI data (publications, research projects, patents).

Role in the project

SIRIS contributes its expertise in impact research assessment and reproducibility leading the effort in the smart reproducibility assistant service (WP4).

Contact persons

Cesar Parra Rojas
Bernardo Rondelli