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Technical component

KG creation assistant & Interlinking

Discovering Dependencies, Enriching Knowledge

The Knowledge Graph creation assistant & Interlinking tool is designed to extract knowledge graphs from unstructured or semi-structured data sources and enrich their content.

Through the use of the GGDminer tool, it aims to discover Graph Generating Dependencies (GGDs) and showcase information about the graph's content. This process involves applying topological and differential constraints to generate meaningful dependencies.


  • Larissa C. Shimomura, George Fletcher and Nikolay Yakovets. “ProGGD - Data Profiling on Knowledge Graphs using Graph Generating Dependencies”. ISWC 2023.
  • Stoica, Radu, George HL Fletcher, and Juan F. Sequeda. "On Directly Mapping Relational Databases to Property Graphs." AMW. 2019.


Data Interlinking

GGDs as prescription rules for data interlinking

Relational to graph schema mapping

Mapping of relational schemas to property graphs towards KG creation

Understanding the KG

GGDs as description rules to drive KG creation


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