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Technical component

Impact propagation

Towards comprehensive impact metrics for diverse research outputs

The impact propagation tool computes impact scores for research objects by considering different types of mentions in papers, not limited to structured citations but also including “indirect” citations such as plain mentions or footnotes.

The proposed approach extends the u-Index score:

1) adapting it to cover indirect citations;

2) developing a method to determine the citation type (e.g.: usage, mention) other than the section in which it is included; 

3) exploring how to best consider metrics obtained by other tools used in the project into the formula used to compute the impact of research artifacts.


Extended u-index

Multi-perspective impact measure for research objects


Jan 2023: TRL 1 - conceptual exploration
Jun 2024: TRL 4-5 - initial version and integration with Impact-driven discovery service bundle components
Dec 2025: TRL 8-9 - final integration with Impact-driven discovery service bundle components


Service Providers
Research Communities
Research Infrastructure Managers
Research Managers
Research Organisations
Funders & policy makers

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César Parra Rojas
Pablo Accuosto

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