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SciLake at OSFAIR 2023

SciLake will be at the Open Science Fair (OS FAIR) 2023.

Our members will participate in the workshop "Open Science Knowledge Graphs (SKGs): Transforming the Way we Manage, Explore, and Analyze Scientific Knowledge", presenting our mission of building a comprehensive scholarly communication graph and our technical solutions under development. The workshop, organised by OpenAIRE and Athena Research Center, will be an excellent opportunity to explore potential areas of cooperation and common goals with ESFRI's research communities and hear about their ongoing work to create and maintain domain-specific SKGs and their current challenges. The workshop aims to provide insight into SKG use in Open Science activities and their impact on research outputs and collaborations and is targeted at research infrastructures, research communities, publishers, content providers, research administrators, policy makers, funders, service providers and innovators, as well as EOSC organizations. 

Our SIRIS partners will give a lightning talk entitled "Exploring trends and impact of scientific publications based on open access journals: an application in the archaeological research domain", where they will present significant advancements in our smart impact-driven discovery service.

Our ISTI-CNR partners will present a poster on methodologies for disambiguating multiple entities in a graph entitled “The three processes for de-duplication of organisations, data sources, and results of the OpenAIRE graph”.

OS FAIR will be held in Madrid from 25 to 27 September 2023. The event aims to bring together and empower open science communities, identify common practices related to open science, explore synergies for creating and operating services that work for many, and learn from each other's experiences from around the world.

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